Are we ready for FSM 3.0?

We are pleased to announce a new white paper that we have created in collaboration with Field Service News.

The white paper entitled “Are we ready for FSM 3.0?”, it is about what we should expect from an FSM solution suited to the new normal, and how do we map an effective path from our existing legacy solutions.

This paper goes through three main topics:

  • A new cycle of disruption,
  • The expectations of FSM 3.0,
  • Plotting a path from legacy systems to FSM 3.0.

Specifically, the white paper – considering how the OverIT sophisticated next-generation FSM platform is already embedded emerging technologies like remote assistance tools,              AI-based triage, and next-generation dynamic scheduling – explores what we should expect from such solutions and outline some guidance on the migration from an existing legacy solution to a solution designed with the emerging challenges of the new normal in mind.

Are we ready for FSM 3.0?
Download the white paper and discover how the OverIT FSM solution is already moved into an era of FSM 3.0.
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