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Recognized as the trusted transformational partner, with the Next-Gen FSM Platform 2023 Wave Two release OverIT reacts fast to customers’ needs, helping organizations expand FSM capabilities with innovative features and manage mission-critical operations in linear asset industries (Utilities, Oil & Gas, Telco, and Transportation). 


The Next-Gen FSM Platform 2023 Wave Two offers proven benefits in terms of support of both technicians in the field, who are now always equipped with the required materials and quantities at the right place and time inside their vans, and dispatchers, managers, planners, and engineers, who can now rely on a user-friendly chatbot, which will no longer leave them alone during their working days.

Shorten the distances between field technicians and warehouse, guaranteeing they have the required materials and quantities at the right place and time inside their vans.

Provide dispatchers, planners, managers, and engineers with a user-friendly chatbot that quickly respond to any doubts about using the OverIT solution, back-end side.

Mobile warehouse management

The challenge

To finalize planned/unplanned field activities efficiently, technicians must have the required materials and quantities at the right place and time inside their vans. This avoids having to return to the warehouse several times a day for replenishing materials, thus enabling technicians to get all they need for their operations in the field as quickly as possible. 

Let’s suppose the case of a technician, Emily, from a Telco company. This week she has a series of activities that involve delivering decoders, antennas, and wiring consumables to end customers’ homes. Customers expect timely delivery of materials to watch soccer games and TV series, navigate the Internet, attend classes, and work from home. The quicker Telcos deliver decoders to customers’ homes, the more satisfied customers will be because they will not miss any episodes of their favorite TV series! 

This is not always easy for Emily as she has many tasks to manage during the day involving the delivery of many decoders to customers, and therefore also the tracking of a great amount of serial numbers associated. 

The same example could be used for the delivery of electricity meters. The technician John has a tight schedule this week to deliver a lot of light meters. Failure to meet deadlines and get all materials in time could result in entire airports, cities, hospitals without electricity. We cannot afford this. 

To ensure quick and efficient delivery, how can technicians have visibility of all the materials they need for carrying out their activities during the day or week? Do they already have all the necessary materials in their van? And if not, what materials are missing and which ones should they plan to collect before going in the field? 

The solution

The mobile warehouse management feature shortens the distances between field technicians and warehouse. The Next-Gen FSM Platform now ensures that all technicians are equipped with what they need to complete the job, guaranteeing they have the required materials and quantities at the right place and time inside their vans. Having immediate visibility of each work order and associated materials right on mobile devices gives frontline workers the support and information they need to complete their jobs on the first try. 

OverIT enables technicians, like Emily, to know exactly what materials they need to load into their van based on the daily or weekly activities assigned, specifying which ones are already present, which ones are missing, and which ones are expected. If none of these materials are already inside their van, they can make an immediate request to central warehouses, indicating the date by which to collect the materials. Moreover, this way, technicians will meet deadlines and have everything they need to complete tasks efficiently, fulfilling the customer’s needs quickly. 

To further improve the experience of technicians in the field, OverIT also allows for visualizing and consulting work orders on the map, as well as displaying the localization of the technician and warehouses available in a given area. 

Whenever goods are moved, picked up, or delivered, the system is automatically updated in real time. 

Furthermore, if facing an unforeseen need (e.g., a material that is not on the list to make an urgent repair to be carried out immediately), which prevents technicians from returning to the central warehouse, the solution provides the technician with details of the closest one (both central as well as traveling warehouses), where to pick up materials, thus saving time and money. 

Impact & KPIs

  • Improving first-time fix rate 
  • Saving times and costs 
  • Increasing productivity 
  • Enhancing customers’ experience 

Watch the video and discover the full potential of the Mobile warehouse management feature


The challenge

Today, we are moving into a new age. We are living in a more and more hyper-connected world, extremely fast, where everything must be at our fingertips: now and immediately. Expectations are to be seamlessly connected and share information anywhere and at any time. 

This way of living is affecting social life, communities, politics, governments, and business. 

Organizations need to adopt systems and software solutions able to improve operational efficiency, promptly respond to users to drive innovation and ensure 100% uptime. 

Let’s suppose these two scenarios: 

  • Mark is a junior dispatcher of an Energy & Utility company. He needs to schedule the right crew for an inspection activity at a power plant. He knows he can rely on the Machine Learning algorithm, but he does not remember how. 
  • Grace is a manager of an Oil & Gas company. She has recently changed her job role within the company. She needs to update an existing resolution procedure, attaching a new document, but she does not remember how. 

How to respond to employees’ doubts in real time, quickly, accurately, and efficiently? How to instantly provide information, rather than spending time reading software manuals, consulting documents, or calling the help center? 

The solution

OverIT breaks down communication barriers. It now provides a user-friendly chatbot, which will no longer leave dispatchers, planners, managers, and engineers working alone during their working days. 

Mark and Grace, no matter what their level of expertise and skills, will always be supported if they have any doubts about using the OverIT solution, back-end side, by an intelligent chatbot. 

Powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP) to process, interpret, and respond to requests, users can write their doubts in a chat at any time and the chatbot will quickly respond, indicating the solution. The platform understands users’ questions and automatically provides real-time responses to them, simulating human conversation and dramatically reducing the resolution time. 

The chatbot provides official documentation and can redirect the operator to menu items with a chat-like interface. Moreover, to improve the service over time, users can give their feedback and tips. In this way, the Field Service chatbot will always be more precise, faster, and at side of OverIT customers! 

Impact & KPIs

  • Improving operational efficiency 
  • Enhancing training experience
  • Providing just-in-time assistance
  • Saving company support expenses

Watch the video and discover the full potential of the Chatbot feature


The Next-Gen FSM Platform 2023 Wave Two release reduces implementation costs and times making the platform highly extensible for all partners due to its “API-first” approach, always helping customers extend FSM features and integrations.


In order to open up an unlimited number of possibilities to our partners, we are continuously enhancing our Next-Gen FSM Platform REST API catalog, providing our partner ecosystem and customers with a wider set of tools to independently develop the platform. 

  • Management of end-to-end schedule directly from an external system
  • Association of materials with related work orders 
  • Improvement of the existing API from a technical point of view (e.g., research service, multi-time zone) 

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