Telespazio Ibérica

Powering Progress:
A Dynamic Fusion of OverIT and Telespazio Ibérica

With over 35 years experience in Spain in geoinformation, Telespazio is a leading company in the field of new technologies applied to the Territory.
Telespazio Ibérica offers value-added downstream services, with a portfolio of solutions in the field of geoinformation, satellite communication and satellite systems & operations.

Telespazio Ibérica
Madrid, España
Utilities & Telco
Elevating Excellence: Uniting Forces in Energy and Utility Solutions

Welcome to the future of Field Service Management, where collaboration drives innovation.

Together, Overit and Telespazio are shaping the future of the energy and utilities sector
transforming the way field activities are managed, bringing together cutting-edge technology and industry expertise for a brighter future.

Two Leaders, One Vision: OverIT and Telespazio innovating the Energy and Utility landscape

OverIT and Telespazio’s partnership offers tailored solutions that address your unique challenges, promoting efficient operations and a future focused on customer satisfaction.

Seamless Synergy: OverIT’s Global Leadership meets Telespazio’s 30 Years of Expertise

Witness a shared vision of excellence as OverIT and Telespazio redefine the energy and utilities industry.
We offer in-depth understanding of sector challenges and create customized solutions that optimize your operations, setting a new standard for industry success.
Explore the interactive assets below to learn more about how this partnership is shaping the future of energy.

Together, OverIT and Telespazio are empowering a sustainable energy future through innovative field service management solutions.

Digital Transformation for Field Service Excellence
Challenges of Digital Transformation in Utilities

OverIT and Telespazio Ibérica have joined forces to support companies in the Utilities sector.
OverIT’s technology and Telespazio Ibérica’s experience drive efficiency and sustainability, providing significant benefits such as reduced operating costs.

Greater Use of Geospatial Information

Telespazio provides critical geospatial information for field operations. Collaboration with OverIT multiplies the value and use of this information.
The result is greater operational efficiency and more informed decision-making.

The Role of Telespazio in Technological Evolution

Telespazio and OverIT collaborate to bring their experience and innovative technology.
The collaboration focuses on optimizing field operations by supporting and guiding companies at every step of their evolutionary process.

Technological Innovation

The main objective of this alliance is to support Utilities companies in achieving their operational excellence through technological innovation. The added value offered positions them as leaders in the field of digital transformation.