Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra and OverIT:
A Strong Partnership for AMI Innovation

Tech Mahindra and OverIT are strong partners in the AMI space, with complementary capabilities and experience that helps utilities manage all aspects of their AMI rollout, from planning and execution to operations and support.

Tech Mahindra
Pune, India
Energy & utilities, Oil & Gas, Renewables, Telecom
Together, Tech Mahindra and OverIT can offer utilities a one-stop shop for all their AMI needs.

TechM’s AMI Rollout Command Centre powered by OverIT’ s FSM and Field Support solution can provide utilities with the following benefits:

Improved situational awareness and reduced propensity to human error
Centralized Planning, Scheduling, Dispatching, Work force and Route optimisation, Appointment Booking, Mobile App for Field technicians
Close monitoring of physical security and protection of critical utility infrastructure
Seamless integration of multiple systems to improve system reliability and customer responsiveness
Unified dashboard view of metering and network events/alarms and field work notifications
Facilitation of remote triaging and smart metering events management
Overall operational cost reduction

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Strong Capabilities & Experience of AMI Rollout Command Centre and Field Support for energy suppliers worldwide to help them drive their future smart grid and connected workforce vision:

    Integrate multiple systems – HES, MDM’s, GIS, EAM, CRM
    Have a unified Dashboard view of the metering and network events/alarm and field work notifications
    Design and implement a 24×7 Operations Centre
    Run the Command Centre operations
    Staff the Command Centre with a team having relevant skills
    Provide Field Service Roll-Out support
    Do Remote Triaging and Smart Metering Events Management
    Analytics and Smart workforce management with tools and processes in place to help run the Command Centre remotely if required
New Age Tech

In addition to the benefits listed above, TechM’s AMI Rollout Command Centre powered by OverIT’ s FSM and Field Support solution also incorporates the latest New Age Tech innovations to further enhance its capabilities:

Computer Vision Meter Reading

OverIT’s Computer Vision Meter Reading solution uses AI to automate the meter reading process. This can help utilities to improve the accuracy and efficiency of their meter reading operations, while also reducing costs.

AI/ML for Planning, Scheduling, Dispatching, Route optimisation, Appointment Booking

Tech Mahindra and OverIT leverage AI/ML algorithms to optimize planning, scheduling, dispatching, route optimization, and appointment booking for field technicians. This can help to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of field operations.

Remote Field Collaboration, Training, and Fault Restoration

Tech Mahindra and OverIT use AR/VR technology to enable remote field collaboration, training, and fault restoration. This can help to reduce the need for on-site visits and improve the speed and efficiency of troubleshooting and repairs.

Helping Utilities to Drive Their Smart Grid and Connected Workforce Vision

OverIT and Tech Mahindra are helping utilities to drive their smart grid and connected workforce vision by providing them with the tools and solutions they need to manage their AMI rollout and operations more efficiently and effectively.
By leveraging the latest New Age Tech innovations, Tech Mahindra and OverIT are helping utilities to achieve the following:

Reduced costs
Improved customer satisfaction
Accelerated innovation
Benefits for Backoffice Planners, Field Engineers, and End Consumers

TechM’s AMI Rollout Command Centre powered by OverIT’ s FSM and Field Support solution provides a number of benefits for different stakeholders:

Backoffice Planners

The solution provides planners with a unified view of all AMI rollout activities, enabling them to make better decisions and optimize resource allocation.

Field Engineers

The solution provides field engineers with a mobile app that gives them access to all the information they need to complete their jobs efficiently and effectively.

End Consumers

The solution helps utilities to improve the accuracy and timeliness of their meter readings, which can lead to more accurate bills and improved customer satisfaction.