Medical device maintenance enhancement

Improve your end-to-end medical equipment inspections and repairs with digital work instructions, virtual checklists, knowledge management, virtual collaboration, and artificial intelligence.

The healthcare industry requires medical equipment to be available the moment it is needed. If equipment has issues or needs repairs, the shortest downtime is essential to the health and safety of patients. In order to reduce downtime in repairs, technicians need tools available that can accelerate the speed, while not sacrificing quality and accuracy.
Additionally, many healthcare organizations are now using remotely managed inspections, maintenance, repairs, knowledge transfer and trainings, as they are facing mobility restrictions.
OverIT is an expert in maintenance support, particularly when it comes to medical devices. We provide automated, real-time field workforce management software with scheduling and optimization. Our product helps organizations streamline operations to deliver better maintenance of medical devices, reduce costs, and deliver complete visibility throughout the entire process.

Industry Challenges
  • Sending technicians onsite for repairs, requiring time and money
  • Long down-time of high stakes equipment needed for patients
  • Quality control of any repairs on health equipment
  • Training times to onboard new inspection technicians for medical machinery
  • No simple method for getting a second opinion or extra support
Why OverIT?
OverIT offers solutions to help with the scheduling of technicians as well as the repair and manufacturing processes for medical devices. Our 20+ years of experience places us as a key choice for field service management. Our solutions aim to overcome industry challenges all while maintaining compliance, quality assurance and frontline worker support.
Medical Device



Reduce travel time

Lower costs

Improve customer service

First time fix

Preventative maintenance

The medical device industry is vital to the health and safety of the community
Reduction in scheduling effort
Decrease in travel time and fuel costs
Decline of downtime
Learn how OverIT can help reduce costs, improve operational efficiencies, optimize revenue, and enhance the entire medical device manufacturing and maintenance journey.
OverIT supports the end-to-end process for medical devices, improving manufacturing processes in addition to preventative maintenance and repairs with innovative solutions.
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