Insurance Industry Software for Property & Casualty Claim Management

Streamline field service operations from first notice of loss through claim resolution. Schedule and dispatch field adjusters and improve your customer experience.

Flawless service is the key to growing an Insurance business. It’s no longer enough to simply have a great product or service, Insurers need to ensure that it’s being delivered. OverIT’s Schedule Optimization leverages AI technology to optimize your complex service schedule in real-time based on configurable business-driven constraints. Real-time route optimization ensures field operations are set up for success, every time. Maximize outcomes by ensuring that adjusters are being dispatched efficiently and improve customer experiences leveraging the augmented collaboration features of the Next-Gen FSM Platform, for engaging customers anywhere, anytime.

Insurance Adjusters FSM

In a fast-paced world, Insurance companies need to keep up or risk being left behind. Exceptional customer experience determines your ability to gain and retain policyholders. But this doesn’t come easy. Booking reliable appointments, on-time arrivals, real-time communications and quick claim resolutions, requires Insurers to have a state-of-the-art field service management platform. Processing in-person, in-branch and virtual inspections on a single AI-driven platform is essential for ensuring operational excellence.

Mobile App for Claim Adjusters Field Service Management

OverIT is a Visionary Field Service Management company with decades of experience and hundreds of customers worldwide. We are 100% focused on field service excellence and apply our industry-leading technologies to Property & Casualty Insurance. By using the Next-Gen FSM Platform, insurers can manage in-person, in-branch and virtual claims adjusting with integrated customer experience management. OverIT’s FSM solution excel at AI-driven schedule optimization, virtual remote video collaboration, field adjuster mobility, and customer communication.


OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform empowers Insurers, enabling adjusters to deliver exceptional customer journeys that improve satisfaction and retention

Appointment Booking

The Next-Gen FSM Platform helps managing high volume and volatile auto insurance claims appointments and for delivering the greatest customer experience ever when it comes to property claims. Ensure that your field employees and the mobile workforce are scheduled rapidly and get there in time.

Schedule optimization

OverIT schedule optimization engine is recognized as a best-of-class field service management solution for high volume and volatile schedule use cases. AI-driven, powerful optimization engine that can increase capacity planning for dynamic claims processes like auto. Reduce travel times and overtime, assign claims to the best resource intra-day automatically – and regularly monitor and adjust.


Dispatch claim assignments, schedules and critical details in real-time to field staff. Fill-in forms and communicate directly with the branch and other colleagues in the field to ensure that every moment of every job is safe, efficient, and effective. Reduce risk, improve visibility, solve compliance issues, and deliver real-time updates.

Reporting and Analytics

Automated surveys, analytics, and reporting measure business performance, spot newly emerging trends and drive continuous improvement of all aspects of both Property and Casualty Insurance claims. Reshape your way of monitoring and analyzing data, performance & KPIs and improve your field processes.

Customer Engagement

Deliver exceptional service experiences and achieve high customer satisfaction, while using in-house and independent adjusters. Keep policyholders notified of their appointment and any changes throughout the day.

Contractor Management

Efficiently manage the process of insurance claims assignment to third parties and external companies, by following the predefined contracts and agreements. Improve the communication process with contractors and monitor tasks’ progress status and budget, thus considerably enhancing your situational awareness and the level of service offered to your customers.

In-person, drive-in and virtual inspections

The combination of in-person, drive-in and virtual inspections all managed in a single platform enables the customer to have peace of mind that their home or business is thoroughly inspected.

FNOL platforms integration

Integration with First Notice of Loss platforms and Claims Estimating tools will save you time and money. Thanks to the integration with FNOL platforms, you will automatically receive all the claims that come in.

ESRI integration

Field workers and Insurers that are leveraging the ESRI features on the mobile and dispatcher side are capable of better mapping and overlaying storm paths with property details, thus achieving significantly better results including quicker response time, improved productivity, and better estimation of loss. Simplify and improve the accurate identification of customers in the impacted area with the OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform.

Adjustor Scheduling & Route Optimization
Dispatching and routing of claim dispatchers Field service
Mobile solution for Field Service Technician
Mobile App for Claim Adjusters Field Service Management
AR Collaboration for customer engagement
Virtual Inspections
Prepare for every claim
The solution for the entire claims lifecycle, including customer engagement, optimized scheduling and a mobility application for field adjusters and appraisers.
Increase in average weekly claims completed
Decrease in average travel time per claim
Improvement in customer satisfaction ratings

We are modernizing the way you manage Property and Casualty

OverIT provides Property and Casualty Insurers with instant access to Field Claims, Appraisal & Scheduling, as well as the ability for adjusters to connect to customers on any device via a mobile app and leveraging AR-driven collaboration features

The AI-driven field service software for Property and Casualty Insurance provides reduced turnaround times, increase average weekly claims completed, and reduction in overtime worked

The Mobile app allows adjusters to access vital information, update statuses and virtually submit claims for expedited payment, improving average travel time per claim by 15%

The Next-Gen FSM provides access to real time data analytics so you can gain a 360-degree view of the customer service and improve operational efficiency

Property and Casualty
Learn how OverIT can help reduce costs, improve operational efficiencies, optimize revenue, and enhance the entire claim management journey.
Augmented Reality for Insurance claims investigation and rapid settlement
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