Healthcare field workforce management

Streamline post-acute home care, member care and other specialized healthcare services with optimized scheduling and mobile workforce enhancement

The healthcare market is quickly growing, as more than 2/3 of 65 year olds will need long-term care assistance at some point. Both this population as well as others who require care prefer to receive care at home. Additionally, there are new payment models such as value-based care to help reduce costs. Across the industry, staffing shortages are creating challenges of meeting the demands of care.
Healthcare providers need to deliver on patient needs, create and support a satisfied workforce, and manage their operational costs.
This is a tall order and requires careful consideration.
OverIT is an expert in field workforce management, particularly when it comes to healthcare. We provide automated, real-time field workforce management software with scheduling and optimization. Our product helps care organizations streamline operations to deliver a better experience, reduce costs, and deliver complete visibility throughout the process.

Industry Challenges
  • Managing dynamic scheduling experience with patients/members
  • Inefficient communication with patients/members and inability to provide real-time appointment updates
  • Real-time field level visibility
  • Retaining and improving employee satisfaction
Why OverIT?
OverIT offers patients and providers a more user friendly and intuitive solution for communication, scheduling and consistency. Our 20+ years of experience places us as a key choice for field workforce management. Our solutions aim to overcome industry challenges all while maintaining compliance, adjusting to value-based care requirements and reaching business goals. Streamline field tasks and taking after-sales experience to a whole new level with Geocall CEE, the mobile app allowing companies to maximize intervention efficiecy and have customers engage with their service providers, while feeling in control over the whole intervention process.
Customer engagement feature Healthcare Field Service Management
Benefits for patients and members
Benefits for Healthcare organizations
Improve Communication
Attract and Retain Staff
Increase convenience
Mobile Enablement
Fewer Late Arrivals
Reduced Cancellations
Receive the Right Care
Manage Operational Costs
OverIT supports end-to-end elements of medical care:
  • Concierge Medicine
  • Home Health
  • Home Infusion
  • Hospice and Palliative Care
  • ABA Services
  • Care Coordination visits
  • Home Screenings
  • Risk Assessments
  • Case Management
  • Complex Care Management
  • R&D Field Visits
  • First Dose Observation
  • In Home CRO
  • Evidence Collection
  • Repair and Maintenance
Successful healthcare providers invest in technologies that help to improve operations, engagement and efficiency.
Reduction in scheduling effort
Decrease of travel time and fuel costs
In operating cost per visit
Successful healthcare providers invest in technologies that help to improve operations, engagement and efficiency. OverIT ensures that healthcare providers deliver exceptional care that exceeds expectations, while enhancing operations and patient/member engagement.
Scheduling feature Healthcare Field Service Management
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