A Reality Check for Enterprise Extended Reality and Metaverse, Q2 2023

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Extended reality (XR) technologies have long promised to augment employees’ capabilities. But XR — and, more recently, the metaverse — have too often yielded more hype than business results. Yet, these technologies can drive value when applied pragmatically to specific roles and tasks and when they’re designed to be human- centered.”
Extract from “A reality check for enterprise extended reality and metaverse” in the Forrester report.

OverIT has been interviewed for and mentioned in the Forrester reports “A reality check for enterprise extended reality and metaverse” and “Apply Three Principles To Your Enterprise Extended Reality And Metaverse Efforts”, April 2023, authored by J.P. Gownder with James McQuivey, PhD, Shynise McElveen, Demi Starks

By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, our solution allows customers to cover specific use cases, such as:


Real-time collaboration between remote experts and field technicians powered by AR, guiding them through complex mission-critical operations on linear assets.


Training in various scenarios and development of new skills in a safe and controlled environment, simulating maintenance, troubleshooting, and emergency situations.


Step-by-step digital work instructions, using AR-enabled mobile and hands-free devices, helping field technicians perform tasks accurately and efficiently.


Capture and sharing of knowledge, helping organizations preserve knowledge, streamline onboarding processes, and improve overall service quality.

By enabling remote collaboration, immersive and on-the-job training, remote assistance, knowledge transfer, remote inspections, and enhanced safety, OverIT has the potential to improve operational efficiency and service quality, reduce costs, and empower technicians with the tool they need to excel in their roles. We believe the Forrester’s recognition and mention prove it.

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