Next-Gen FSM Platform 2024 Wave One

OverIT rebuilt the platform with high extensibility, effortless upgrades, and rapid implementation for mission-critical operations

Today marks an extraordinary milestone on the journey with our partners.

We are beyond excited to introduce the next level of FSM!
After two years of relentless innovation, transformation, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, in response to the ever-evolving landscape of technology and industry needs, we have undertaken a monumental transformation. This is not just an upgrade; it is a revolutionary leap into the future of mission-critical operations within Field Service Management.

That is why we have a clear mission now: unlocking the power of our partner ecosystem to unleash its full potential thanks to our extensible platform.

Stay ahead of the curve by anticipating the ever-changing demands of the FSM market. We want to allow our network of partners to accelerate and drive the adoption of the entire set of disruptive technologies rapidly emerging in our business, into an integrated enterprise application landscape.

Embrace the future with OverIT! We are thrilled to introduce a suite of brand-new APIs designed for partners

Build your FSM solutions on the OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform. Leverage a brand-new catalog of APIs, focused on upgradability and extensibility for customers and partners. OverIT Next-Gen FSM APIs, rooted in two decades of Field Service Management expertise, empower partners to seamlessly build and upgrade FSM solutions on the SaaS platform.


High extensibility ensures you can seamlessly integrate and adapt the solution as your business grows


Effortless upgrades guarantee you are always on the cutting edge


Rapid implementation accelerates your journey towards mission-critical excellence

OverIT Next-Gen FSM APIs

Uncover the transformative potential of the OverIT Next-Gen FSM APIs, where innovation meets seamless integration, unlocking a world of possibilities for your business.

Fully upgradable and secure
Focused on FSM use cases
Integrable to other systems based on the most crucial needs
Tailored to specific business processes

Explore the reasons underlying the success of our Next-Gen FSM Platform APIs, capable of delivering unparalleled customization, innovation, and integration capabilities.

Field Service Management is a mission-critical process for organizations. OverIT can meet the needs of all businesses with a multitude of modules dedicated to different FSM use cases.
When customers need to solve the unique problems of their business, our extensible platform empowers partners to unlock their capabilities and help extend FSM features and integrations.

Experience the multiple advantages of our partner ecosystem boasts, such as lower costs, streamlined integration, enhanced extensibility, and a renewed commitment to secure, forward-compatible solutions.

Lower implementation costs and accelerate time to value by providing seamlessly upgradable APIs
Simplify integration with APIs built for FSM use cases to integrate to the enterprise applications needed (ERP, CRM, EAM etc.)
Enhance extensibility by allowing partners to build a customer-specific solution on top of the OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform
Ensure all customizations are fully upgradable and backward compatible with our renewed API catalog
Increase data safety and storage by leveraging OverIT’s APIs and best practices

An API-first approach, new tools, and a comprehensive program that fosters seamless collaboration between partners and OverIT experts, propelling your development journey to new heights.

A new OverIT Partner Program to transmit our leadership, vision, and values, but above all showcase our platform’s features and technologies.
A process designed to empower the entire Community, providing the tools to learn, extend, integrate, and successfully deliver our platform.
Comprehensive documentation for developing APIs, coupled with highly technological and innovative document services.
Resources readily available to the Partner Ecosystem to make the platform easily integrable and extensible and facilitate the perfect fit of each functionality with the customers’ needs.
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