Advanced crew management 2

Advanced crew management

Manage your crews with agility, precision, and unparalleled efficiency!

Technician crew management lies at the heart of efficient Field Service operations.
Yet, for utilities and many other organizations overseeing teams of field technicians, the “morning shuffle” or “morning churn” can feel like a daily grind, often beginning before the break of dawn.

Planners and dispatchers embark on a collaborative journey, piecing together crews of skilled technicians armed and ready to tackle the day’s tasks, whether routine maintenance, emergency calls, or large-scale projects.


Overcoming the field technicians’ “morning shuffle”

Too often, this process is hindered by a maze of disconnected systems, each operating in its own silo and out of sync with the latest workers’ availability and skill sets. Picture planners toggling between different crew scheduling software, frantic emails, and endless phone calls, all in a crazy rush to access the most up-to-date crew information and assign tasks promptly.

Imagine an HR system tracking shifts and labor hours, a Work Order Management system listing job assignments, and a Field Service Management (FSM) system monitoring technicians’ skill levels and job assignments in real time. Add to this mix a flurry of phone calls, emails, whiteboard scribbles, and Excel spreadsheets, and the chaos of the morning shuffle becomes palpable. Even with teams ranging from small groups to large crews, maintaining efficient working time for field service crews is a constant challenge, subject to the day’s variables, job complexities, and external factors like weather disruptions or outages.

However, the crux of the issue often isn’t a lack of technology but rather inconsistent updates from personnel as they complete their tasks. Without real-time visibility into available resources, work hours, and skill sets, even the most sophisticated systems fall short in optimizing field service performance.


Let’s transform your morning shuffle into a well-orchestrated symphony of success!

At OverIT, we understand the complexities of crew management, and we are here to revolutionize your morning shuffle.
Our team has diligently collaborated with top-tier customers to delve into their needs and explore viable remedies. Drawing on over two decades of field service expertise, we can now proudly unveil our latest innovation: the Advanced Crew Management functionality.

Say goodbye to manual processes and disjointed systems and empower planners with real-time insights into active service resource availability, technician skills, scheduled work, and more, propelling organizations toward dynamic assignment capabilities and real-time responsiveness.

Key capabilities

Real-time visibility

Continuously monitoring real-time availability and workloads to facilitate instant adjustments to crew assignments, even during outages or emergencies.

Skill-based assignment

Leveraging crew diversity and expertise to intelligently match skills to tasks, optimizing assignment efficiency and effectiveness.

Emergency response excellence

Prioritizing urgent tasks and expedite crew dispatch in critical situations to minimize downtime and ensure a reliable power supply.

Crew availability optimization

Seamlessly integrating crew availability into task assignments to ensure equitable distribution of responsibilities and maximize resource utilization.

Impacts & KPIs

Manage your crews with agility, precision, and unparalleled efficiency.

Enabling planners to make quick changes based on resource availability
Minimizing the impact
of unforeseen events
Ensuring completion of capital projects on time and within budget
Reducing time spent
for the morning reshuffle
Ensuring compliance
with SLAs and equipment booked

Experience the next era of Crew Management with OverIT!